How to play online pokies – explained!

Online Pokies Australia

Playing pokies online, or slots, is a very simple thing, firstly you need to know which pokies machine you are playing on. There is a number of pokies machines and types available:

Classic: Straight Slots

This is one of the favourites, you have bets which varies but you have a few lines on which to win. The winnings is determined by the pay table assigned to that specific pokie machine. Although it is straight forward you do have some variation within the classic slots:

  • Wild - It is usually a symbol which will increase the winnings, common to be found is the cherry, on which you can double, triple or quadruple your winnings by being anything you need it to be.
  • Multiplier – This usually means it gets you more from your win, 2x,5x, 10x and up to x50 your win!
  • Multiple PayLines – These are pokie machines where in order to bet on a pay table, these have more than one pay table, you would need to increase your bets or lines.

Progressive Pokie Machines

Progressive pokies machines are the same as the classic pokies, with one very big difference. You are eligible to win the accumulative winnings of the pokie machine. The Progressive pokies machine is linked to others within a selected group and the more players which plays, the more the number on the progressive jackpot increases! When a pokies player bets on these machines a small percentage is taken to make up the big jackpot. This is one of the most attractive types of pokies games due to high payout and the large potential to win big!

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